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There is an abundance of uses for Dolese’s sand, and it all comes with Dolese’s unparalleled quality control and unrivaled service. Our ranking as one of the top sand and gravel producers in the country comes from our ability to offer quality products that meet our customers’ needs at a competitive price. From our eight production or distribution facilities that cover Oklahoma City and Enid, we provide a variety of materials.


Dolese's concrete sand, made to meet ASTM C33 standards, is a washed high quality specification product that is thoroughly tested at each production facility and in our quality control lab in Oklahoma City to ensure it meets applicable gradation requirements. Concrete sand is primarily used as the fine aggregate component in the production of concrete, but also meets specifications as granular backfill and some filter applications.


Dolese's masonry sand is washed and screened to remove imperfections. This product is very fine, which makes it ideal for grout, mortar, and other masonry applications including use as a "joint sand" to fill the joints between pavers and patio blocks. Masonry sand is very clean, but it is normally a non-specification product.


Dolese's screened fill sand is a clean non-spec washed product. Because it is clean it is a great material to use in the production of asphalt. Our screened fill sand meets ODOT specs for standard bedding material. It can also be used as a leveling course in many outdoor masonry applications, as a bed for an above ground pool, or to construct a sand volleyball court.


Unscreened fill sand is an unprocessed non-specification material generally loaded right out of the river or lake bank. Although it is a non-spec material, unscreened fill sand can be a good value for general fill applications.


Call Dolese's Aggregate Sales Department at (405) 297-8224 for more information on our products or delivery options.