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For more than 120 years, Dolese has been trusted by contractors and construction companies alike. Our products are in everything from stadiums to skyscrapers to wind farms – and in the roads and bridges everywhere in between.


When you travel on just about any highway in Oklahoma, you're traveling on products that were mined, crushed and sorted in Dolese's quarries, hauled in Dolese's trucks, and delivered by Dolese's people. From the early days of highways, like Route 66 and Highway 81, to mid-20th Century projects like the old I-40 Crosstown to new highways, Dolese's products and expertise have built the roads that crisscross Oklahoma. 

John James Audubon Bridge

Ready-Mixed Concrete Crushed Stone
Sand & Gravel


From high-rise office buildings, banks, hospitals and stadiums to casinos, campuses and parking garages, we've been part of it all.  You can trust us to build a strong foundation for your commercial property.

Hobby Lobby Devon Tower
Chesapeake Campus Boone Pickens Stadium

Ready Mixed Concrete Construction Supplies


For decades, Dolese has delivered on industrial projects from the Gulf Coast to Oklahoma. Industrial standards and the importance of meeting those standards for safe and efficient operations are crucial. We understand that. Not only that, Dolese has poured every conceivable type of concrete, including special mixes that meet unusual, special performance characteristics – and some we’ve developed ourselves.

Arbuckle Wind Farm Canton Dam
Hobby Lobby Western Oklahoma Wind Farms

Ready-Mixed Concrete Crushed Stone
Sand & Gravel


Every day across Oklahoma, Dolese provides foundations for homes of all sizes – and we've been doing it for more than 120 years. Our aggregates are a first choice for rural driveways, lateral lines and septic tanks. We also offer insulating concrete forms (ICF), a new homebuilding technology that helps protect homes from extreme weather conditions and reduce energy costs for many homeowners.

Fortified Homes: Oklahoma Strong

Ready-Mixed Concrete Manufactured Stone


Dolese has always maintained close ties with the municipalities in which we operate. From water treatment plants to park and zoo trails, storm sewers and more, they've relied on our dedication to quality and service as well as our wide range of practical products: ready-mixed concrete of all types, crushed stone, sand and gravel. The public depends on their municipalities to improve their community. And those municipalities depend on us to deliver.

Canton Dam John James Audubon Bridge

Ready-Mixed Concrete Crushed Stone
Sand & Gravel


If you're here, you probably need something different. Something special. Maybe something that's never been done before. You've come to the right place, because we'll find a way to do it. Whether it's pouring deep foundations to support towering wind turbines or embedding steel shot in hospital walls to contain harmful radiation, when the other guys say, "It can't be done," we say, "We'll find a way – or we'll invent a new one." Even if your needs are more basic – like a backyard pool or a storm shelter – we're here to help.

Riversport Rapids Canton Dam
Arbuckle Wind Farm Future Enterprises
Fortified Homes: Oklahoma Strong

Ready-Mixed Concrete